From time to time we have available Vans which are sign written and ready for sale with immediate work. The vans are in good condition complete with MOT if required. They are normally ply lined and are low mileage.

The cost of the vans range from around £4,000 plus vat to £8,000. Once purchased the van is your own responsibility including the Vehicle Insurance and the Goods in Transit Insurance.

When you take delivery of the van you are given work, usually on a daily basis. This could mean anything from a local job to long distance. We normally pay our drivers on a 60/40 split basis with 60% going to the driver. Payments are normally paid monthly.

Drivers can choose their own days and hours in which to work.

To find out if we have any vans/driving opportunities available please ring 0161 273 7733 during normal working hours.


You can securely pay online for your deliveries. We accept the following payment methods.

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New Same Day Service

Cargo 2 Go can now pick up goods from any part of the UK and deliver it on the same day back to your site or indeed any site or delivery point that you specify. This unique same day service is still available on a post code to post code basis.